Monday, August 31, 2009

Stockpile Challenge!

So who is up for a challenge?  My mom was watching the news the other day and they showed a lady who ate from her freezer/fridge/stockpile for a month and saved $800 or something crazy.  Now we don't spend nearly that much on food and such a month, but my mom and I decided to have a stockpile challenge to see if we could go a month eating from our stockpiles!  Is anyone with us??

Of course we'll still have to go out and buy the bread/milk/fruits and other fresh produce that we normally have, but thats it!  I think this will really make me do a meal plan, and I've been meaning to do one forever!

So tomorrow I am at class, so hubby will make our son grilled cheese or something easy like that. 

Wednesday I'm going to make a crockpot soup from this recipe End of Summer Harvest soup
Thursday I'll probably make stuffed pepper soup (oh so yummy!).  I make enough to freeze to have throughout the winter.

And thats all that I've planned so far!

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  1. I'm up for an Eating from the Stockpile/Freezer/Garden Challenge.

    This past week that's what we did. I spent $15 ish on bread, milk & a bag of potatoes for the week....that's it! I am not counting the $15 OOP I spent during the week at the KMart double coupons
    This week I've planned a menu from the stockpile/freezer/garden also.
    My shopping list consists of some lunchmeat(kid's school lunches),bread, milk, bananas & watermelon. I'm going on Monday to shop for this and stay out of the grocery store until the following week, no matter!