Sunday, February 20, 2011

Walgreens - how I love thee

So Frugalsuz had listed a great deal last week for Walgreens diapers.  Basically it worked out to 2 packs of diapers and 2 packs of wipes for $3.98.  Well you had to have 2 different coupons and of course I couldn't find them at any of my Walgreens and I was so annoyed.  Frugalsuz had found a couple extra books and graciously sent me one of the coupons I needed.  The best part of that coupon is that its a Walgreens one and it doesn't expire until December!  I decided to try one more Walgreens to look for the other coupon and low and behold I found 9 of them!!!  So I was able to get 9 packs of diapers and 9 packs of wipes for $16.00!  Two of the packs were on clearance for $4.xx a piece, so keep your eyes out for the different packaging.  It seemed to only be the size 5 ones in the dark green packages that were on clearance - and they weren't marked. I know some people reported finding the old white and red Walgreens packaging of diapers on clearance as well but I didn't find any of those.

I think I have enough 3's and 4's for the little one, so I've been gettind 5's and 6's now which I only have a few of.  The bottom of her closet is filled with diapers and on the top rack its all filled with wipes!  I'll post my RA trip from this morning later..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So after a busy start to the year we went away for the weekend with my family up north.  It was great.  It was so beautiful up there and it was nice to not worry about anything for a bit.  Work has been busy, but I am glad to have a job! 

We're heading out to California next month, so I'm going to do a pantry challenge.  This will help me with my goal of making meal plans hahah!  We did nachos last night, we had pizza casserole tonight, tomorrow will be cordon bleu casserole in the crockpot, and then Thursday is a stir fry.  That's as far as I've gotten, so it's better then nothing!  Want to join me on the challenge?  I'd love any suggestions for recipes too, I've been trying a lot of new ones lately!  Leave a comment on your favorite!

I've still been working out 4 times a week, which is about the only goal I've been able to keep! 

I haven't been grocery shopping much which is nice on the budget, but I have been loving RA lately!  Although, I'm quite sick of them not having enough stock.  Either there is a serious shelf clearer or they suck at ordering enough stock.  But I hear the J&J baby items will be free next week, so I'm going to suck it up and get my caboose up early on Sunday to get those deals!! 

How have you been doing with your goals?  Join me for a pantry challenge, and let me know what you'll be making.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Okay so I could make up excuses all I want, but I am totally failing at my goals!  Obviously my time management is lacking so I'm hoping to improve on that!  I haven't even worked on my receipts from January and I've tried to keep all of them from February, but we'll see how that goes.  I think our grocery budget is done already for this month, or at least close because of our Superbowl party, but you know what, it was so worth it.  I think everyone had a great time and there was lots of good food!  You can't put a price on being with family and friends. 

With cleaning for the Superbowl party I wasn't able to do my daughters room.  I started putting clothes away that she has already grown out of, which is nuts, and that's as far as I got!  But in other good news, the rest of the house is clean still!  So it wasn't a total loss....

I'm hoping to get some stockpile pictures up here this week or next.  This is another busy week, and to top it all off my laptop isn't working at home so it limits my posting time too.  Hopefully I can get that in the shop this week! 

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has already failed at their new years goals!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pictures and some RA shopping!

Here are the before and after pictures of the basement. It doesn't look that much different but there were games and books out of place and all messy that were driving me insane. Plus its another reason for me to use my new Dyson. I LOVE that thing, its amazing.

This area is right when you walk into the basement.  The black shelf and white cupboards are part of my stockpile so I've just been dropping stuff in front of it to be put away.  There is also a box of photos and some scrapbooking stuff. 

The couch cover just laying on the ground (I hate putting this thing on).

This is the corner of my sons craft stuff and his toy box.  He just puts things on the toy box instead of putting them away. 

The cubbyhole you see above the bookshelves is where we put our extra fames, luggage, crafts and sleeping bags.  It doesn't look organized but I just organized it a couple of months ago.  We don't touch this part much so I didn't bother going through it again.  For some reason my son has a hard time putting books back how they were so he just puts them on top of the ones that are standing up, it drives me batty.

This is the game and toy corner.  We had most of his games stacked neatly into these little cubby boxes, but I think it's hard for him to restack them so they fit so he just puts them on the ground.

After photos

I stacked some of his games that won't fit in the cubbys on top of the toy box so he can see which games are which, and that couch cover makes it look so much better down there!

The books are all put back where they belong.

I emptied all of the stockpile bags and put everything where it belongs.  This always takes me the longest and is the most annoying part of stockpiling!  The white laundry basket that is in the picture holds the stockpiled dog treats so that anytime we are out my son or husband can easily find them.

The games are all put back nicely...we'll see how long that lasts!

I went to RA today to get all the freebies, and of course they were out of everything except the Stayfree pads.  It's so annoying, if they are going to have a sale they need to have the stock to back it up.  And its not even like this is the first time it's happened, it happens EVERY week.  And they only get a truck in once a week and the sale stuff isn't guaranteed to be on it.  Uggg, this is what I hate about RA!  Hoping with the snow that is coming today I'll have some time tonight or tomorrow to cut more coupons to be ready for the sale on Thursday in case they actually have some new stock in!!

For this week I am hoping to get my daughters room done.  I am SOOO embarassed to even post these pictures because it should never look like this and it's my fault!  I've just been going through her new and old clothes and she's been growing out of them like leaps and bounds.  Hopefully I can get that straightened up and keep it that way!  How is your room cleaning going???