Thursday, April 8, 2010

Great News!!

Sorry I've had such a long hiatus, but I just had way too much on my plate and couldn't fit in blogging too!  I had a pretty hard and time consuming semester of school and a big project at work and was just so tired all the time!  In between all that though I got some great news....I'm pregnant!  Thankfully I'm in my second trimester now and feel a bit more pep in my step, but still always feel on the go!  Our little one is due Sept. 25th and we find out April 29th what it is!  I can't wait, Babies R Us here I come. 

I started my second to last semester of school, and I'll officially be done Sept 13th, and I can't wait.  It can't seem to come fast enough.  I started back up hounding a few weeks ago and it felt great!  Oh how I missed CVS.  I started out by getting like 8 bottles of Dawn for free, and got a bunch of diapers for pretty cheap too.  I think so far we have close to 40 packs and about 8 packs of wipes, so I'm getting there!  Anyways I hope to be on here a bit more often, and I'll probably do a mix between posting about the pregnancy (I'd kind of like a journal) and grocery! 


  1. Congrats! Keep us posted on the pregnancy!
    My parents anniversary is Sept 25th and my nephews bday is Sept 13, both dates you mentioned in your post!
    I'm so happy for you!

  2. congrats! you should store your baby wipes upside down to keep them moist longer.