Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Hey all, I can't believe its been a month since I posted!  It has been CRAZY around here the last few weeks and I'm looking forward to a nice quiet weekend - we'll see how that goes!  We went on our cruise Dec 13th - 20th and it was amazing, I wish we didn't have to come back.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, couldn't ask for anything better.  My two favorite islands were Aruba and St. Thomas by far - you could definitely do a week vacation on those islands alone! 

The night after we got home, our darn furnance went out!  We had gotten home around 9 that night and noticed it was cold and after playing with the thermostat realized the furnance would kick on then turn off.  We were having my hubbys side over for Xmas Eve and plus it was freezing so we really couldn't go without heat, so we called that night and they were out within a half hour.  They said it was a bad board - it would be around $600 - $700.  Our furnance is 17 years old as it was, and I know when we got the house 3 years ago our inspector told us we had like 4 or 5 years max on that furnance left.  So we decided we should bite the bullet now and get a new one.  Unfortunately I didn't have time to compare prices and furnances so we went with what the guy recommended.  I think we paid a bit more then we should have but they did come at 10pm and had it all installed by 4am so that was definitely good service.  And we live in a quad so this furnance is supposed to help circulate the air better then our old one.  We notice that our top level is about 5 degrees colder then our main level and we hated that.  I've noticed the past few days its only about a degree or two cooler so it is helping!  Plus we will be getting a rebate from DTE and Consumers for having an energy efficient model and we will qualify for the tax credit of about $900 too.  So that helps I guess. 

Christmas was great, got to see all the family and then we had my cousins wedding shower on Sunday that was a good time.  We are just laying low for New Years Eve and making a good crab legs dinner!  I just need a few days of pure nothing, I still feel pretty whipped!  Although I can't wait to go do a good grocery shopping!!  I miss the stores!

How was everyone else holidays?  Any good new year resolutions out there? 

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