Monday, January 31, 2011

Rrom 2 Done and some RA shopping!

Well this week it was my goal to get our basement cleaned up and organized.  Our basement is home to my son's toys, my stockpile and some miscellaneous stuff we just needed to put somewhere!  Last week was pretty hectic as everyone here got the flu so in all honesty I wasn't able to finish the basement until today...oops!  But at least its done.  I was going to post pictures but now the baby woke up so I can't, so I'll upload them tomorrow.

This week is a great week at Rite Aid - check out frugalsuzs blog on the right hand side to take a look at all of the great matchups including free dog treats, stayfree pads (great item to donate or if you know someone who is having a baby in the near future they could use these!), free edys ice cream and a bunch of other things!  I knew I should have sucked it up and went to RA early Sunday morning but I just didn't feel like it.  Instead we made a big breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen and then my mom came for dinner.  So of course when I went today all they had left was the Stayfree.  Oh well, I'll just try another store by work on lunch tomorrow - they usually have more stock anyways. I haven't had the chance to really look at the other ads yet but I think from what I remember Meijer has some decent stuff this week and Kroger's mega sale is extended this week as well.  I was able to pick up some cheap Kraft singles and Kens dressing! 

I think my favorite deal today was free batteries at Target!  Unfortunately, I didn't find out about this deal until the weekend and the coupon expired today, but it might be a good thing to know next time this coupon comes out!  At Target, in their dollar bins they sell Every Ready batteries and they are made by Energizer.  Energizer had a $1 off coupon  in one of the inserts and I was able to use that coupon on those batteries without any issues and only paid tax!  I bought 15 packs and paid .90.  Now these aren't the greatest batteries in the world but I'd rather pay next to nothing for them and throw them out quicker then pay big bucks for the better batteries.  They go perfect for my sons hand held games, especially on car rides!

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