Friday, November 6, 2009

Betcha can't guess how much this was???

So I went to Kroger to use up some more coupons, but I was a little shy to do more then 3 mega sales at once, but the cashier was so nice.  Here is the loot I got...all for .80!! Yep, you read that right, less then one dollar got me all this!

I still have a TON of coupons to use up so I'm excited for that.  I am actually getting .50 overage for each playtex glove and I got $2 overage on the rolaids!  I think I'll stock up on some other baking things like condensed milk and pumpkin and maybe some lunchmeat or fruit.  I'm so excited!!  What did you get at Kroger?


  1. OMG!! Thank You! I am RUNNING home (stuck at work) cutting some Rolaids Q's and then RUNNING to Kroger's!! (teehee) :)

  2. oot - I'm so glad this could help someone! I hope they give you the coupon for $3 or $4?

  3. What kind of prices are your stores at? Just curious b/c after Q and mega sale prices by me are $1 OOP on the gloves, $0.75/box on cheeze its, and 21 cents overage on each rollaid pack (w/ the $4/2 Q), condensed milk $.50/can. Still good, I just wish they were as awesome as yours!

  4. Annathy - the gloves were .50 after mega sale, after mega sale and $1.50/2 q the cheez its were .24 a box and I ended up getting $2 overage on a couple of the rolaid $4/2 q's - apparently my cashier had no idea what to do haha. The condensed milk was free after mega sale and .50/2 q - I think they were .50 each after mega sale.