Monday, September 7, 2009

August Totals!

Here are my August totals I promised.  I try to stay around $250 a month and this includes feeding my hubby, me and our son.  This is for food, healthy and beauty and household items (cleaners, tp, pt, etc).

Number of items - 469
Retail value - $1,209.08
Coupon value - $957.60
Paid out of pocket - $264.19
Savings percentage - 79.2%
Cost per item - $0.62

Not too shabby I must say.  Hopefully September will be even better with the stockpile challenge.  I have to admit, we were awfully lazy today, I mean really lazy.  We had a good crockpot chicken recipe to try and neither one of us wanted to get up and make it, so we got pizza tonight.  Anyone just have those days or is it just me?


  1. Great totals! When you get a chance, can you please email me the crockpot chicken recipe? TIA

  2. Sure can Pubbler! Here is the link (I also emailed you too)