Friday, September 11, 2009

Just some randomness!

Well it looks like it will be a gorgeous weekend here in Michigan!  We are going to the bus races at the Flatrock speedway this weekend, its always a great time! 

Yesterday I had yogurt for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and we made egg salad sandwiches with chips for dinner.  I did go out to Aldis yesterday and got 4 cans of mushrooms, a bag of chips and some parmesan cheese.  It was about $7 dollars.

Today I wasn't feeling so good this morning so I didn't eat - hubby and son had cereal at home.  I had a sandwich for lunch and for dinner we are making steaks, potatos (from the garden) and salad (with fresh veggies from the garden).

I'm hoping to make a crockpot chicken fettucini alfredo this weekend one day (probably Sunday), which is why I needed the cheese. 

I'll have a bit of time tonight after we close the pool to put up a few deals that I see for next week...

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