Sunday, September 6, 2009

Keepin' it real

So this eating out of the stockpile thing isn't going too bad, I've had to get a couple of things but they should last us a bit and we can use them for multiple meals. 

Went to Costco and got milk, bananas, eggs, pickles (hubby and son eat this like no other and will probably last a couple of weeks) and I splurged and got myself a big tub of hummos (this will probably last a bit too, but I will take it to work for a mid day snack).  I'm having my parents, sister and aunt and uncle over today for my aunts 60th birthday so I'll have to run to Kroger in a bit to get some cheese and a veggie, for some reason I thought I had more cheese then I do, but still at least its just a few things!  Oh yeah and we also bought some beer this weekend....oyy guess this isn't going as good as I thought! 

So in honor of keeping it real and making myself accountable I figured I'd post what we eat for the rest of the month and if I had to run to the store to get anything!

Yesterday we had yogurt for breakfast, and then we bought lunch at the Toledo zoo, (it was only $13 for 3 of us which I thought was good!) and then for dinner we had grilled chicken sandwiches, rice and a salad. 

Today was a pop tart or cereal for breakfast, lunch was pb&j with fruit and a few chips, and tonight will be chicken bruchetta with salad and a veggie (I'm thinking asparagus). 

That's all I got for today, I'll be posting my August totals later on today, enjoy the gorgeous weather!

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