Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I <3 Kmart

Well I finished my two finals today - I know I got an A in one class, and I'm hoping for a C in my Stats class....yeah needless to say I didn't care for that class!

I started making my stuffed pepper soup to have for this week and realized I needed tomato sauce so I ran to Aldi's.  I also got some squash for the crockpot soup I'll make later in the week.  As I was leaving I saw this HUGE cloud of black smoke, so me being curious I tried to "follow" the smoke.  I thought it was literally half a mile up the road so I went about 1.5 miles and then realized it was still far away.  On my way home there was a Kmart calling my name!

Here is the quick run down from Kmart:

3 Beggin Strips - 2.50 each
3 Canadian Bacon Strips - 2.50 each
2 Pupperoni treats - 2.99 each
3 Trio building sets - 4.99 each (after instant $5 off for the monthly ad)
2 Scotch tape pop up holders - 2.49 each

Total was 43.xx

Coupons used:

3 - 1.00 off Beggin Strips
3 - 1.50 off Beggin Strips
2 - 1.00  off Pupperoni
3 - 5.00 off Trio building set
2 - 2.00 off scotch tape

My total was .07!!  The ladies behind me were so amazed it was hilarious!  I hope I can grab some coupons from my mom tomorrow and get some more loot! 

Anyone else get any good deals this week so far?

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