Monday, September 14, 2009

Totals so far..

Well this is day 14 of eating out of the pantry/stockpile and I just thought I'd report my totals so far!  Below is for health and beauty stuff as well as food (its mostly food though).  I noticed we were able to mainly eat from the stockpile but as I was searching for recipes to make I found some really good ones I just had to try and that caused me to run to the store to get the few things I was missing.  All in all it was worth it....especially for the crockpot chicken fettucini recipe!  It was to die for. 

Drum roll....

So far $69.40 has been spent this month!  That's it!  Usually I'm in the $150 or $200 range by now!  I am pretty proud of myself but I do think I could do a little better next time, live and learn!  This has definitely taught me there are a few things I need to keep stocked like canned mushrooms, cream of chicken/mushroom and some other canned veggies. 

What are your most stockpiled food items? 

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