Monday, September 28, 2009

Saving Money on Insurance

Even though this doesn't have much to do with coupons, it does deal with saving money, which I know we all love!  I received our auto and home renewals last week and thought the rates were fine.  The auto insurance actually dropped by a buck (whoo hooo) and the home went up a bit but I figured that was because of rates always going up and because we added water backup coverage (I think that was about $60-$80).  I wished the house was a bit lower but I figured there really wasn't anything I could do because I was not going to lower my coverage to save a few dollars.  I just chalked it up as one of the necessary evils of owning a home.  I had gotten an email from my agent a few days after I received the renewal notices and she said the premium had increased a couple hundred dollars from the year before and she had asked the company to run my insurance score to see if it went up for possibly a better rate.  Well guess what, it did go up!!  This lowered our premium by $233!  I am so super excited as its been a expensive month already and with hubby getting his shoulder done this week I was bummin at all the crazy expenses lately!  So lesson learned here, if you aren't thrilled with your rate, call and ask them if they can run your insurance credit score to see if it went up.  If not, you can always shop around for the best price, there are tons of companies out there who would love your business! 

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