Sunday, October 4, 2009

Monthly Totals!!

Okay drumroll please!  Here are the totals from August - remember this was the month we tried to do the stockpile challenge.

Items - 495
Retail value - $865.19
Coupon value - $662.88
Value on gift cards - $49.33
Total OOP - $167.67
Savings - 76.62%
Cost per item - .44

Whoo hooo!  I'm pretty pleased and I'm thinking I'll try again another month! 

I've been so busy the last week its insane!  My husband had shoulder surgery on Friday, so we were trying to get the last minute stuff done that he wouldn't be able to do for a while last week, and then our son got what we think was the stomach flu, and trying to work and clean and everything else, I didn't have a minute to do anything!  So I've taken tomorrow and Tuesday off to help with my hubby and get a few things done here, so we'll see how it goes!  I didn't even have time to grab a paper yet today so I'm not sure how the drugstore sales are but I did look at Meijer and I'm not impressed so thats good!  They are having their 10 for $10 sale on Meijer brand stuff so I think I'll skip it this week!

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