Thursday, October 29, 2009

Free Dove at Wags!

Walgreens has a deal on Dove shampoo/conditioner which is awesome!  They are $4.99 BOGO and if you buy 8 you get a $10RR!  So here is what I did to make it a money maker...

8 Dove conditioners - 19.96
8 $1.50 coupons - 12

Used a $8RR I had from last week and paid $1.47 or so in cash.  So it "cost" me 9.47 and I got $10 back!  You can do this with 4 conditioners and 4 shampoos an stilll make like ..04 I believe.  Its still a good deal even if you pay a buck or two!  Head on over there and grab some free stuff!

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