Friday, October 16, 2009

Finally Some Good Shopping!

Okay, I must say, I haven't done a big grocery shop for a while, its usually things here or there because we have such a big stockpile, but Meijer had some good sale items as well as catalina items, so I was able to do a bigger shopping trip!  I'm sure its not big like everyone thinks, but its big compared to my standards of just 5 things at each store!  Here's my first picture on this blog!

Sorry I don't know why its so blurry, but here are the items I got.  I have to say hubby and son did come with me and they hardly ever do, but I think hubby just needed to get out of the house!  They cost us a few extra dollars, but it was alright, well worth it.  It was kind of  nice having them come for once. 

pig ear - .99 (extra item)
dog chain - 1.84  (extra item)
chicken bouillon cubes - 2.39
2 Tyson chicken thighs - 2.77 and 2.91
bread - 3.69 (I thought this was the one for the pepperidge farm deal but you can get the ones that are 2.49, live and learn)
cheese cake - 4.99 (free item for buying 2 viola meals)
beer - 17.19 + deposit 2.40
2 soup - 1.30
6 soup - 3.90
grapes - 1.87
kid soup - .99 (extra)
tonys pizza - 1.98
4 soup - 5.06
gummy worms - 1.30 (extra)
4 ziploc bags - 6.76
chips - 1.97 (extra)
2 eckrich sausage - 3.98
2 broth - 3.98
2 viola meals - 5.98
OJ - 2.29
snuggle - 27.93

The total was 108.xx - and I ended up paying 43.02.  We had about $7 in bottle returns so subtracting that off of the beer total, $12 or $13 was beer.  So for groceries it was $30 (I don't include beer in my monthly budget).  I also received a $5 OYNO cat  :)  I am going to go back tomorrow for the Super sale, which I swore started on Friday but apparently I was wrong!

We are going to the Cider Mill tomorrow and then to get a costume so that will be fun!

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