Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Meijer Items!

So I finally had a few minutes to go over the Meijer ad and see what other good deals were out there, and I have to admit I am exited to do some shopping on Saturday (I try to get it all done on Saturdays as I don't have enough time in the week!).

Here are a couple more things that end up being great prices!

Campbells cream soups - .65
     Use $1/4 mealbox q and this $1/2 printable (or there is a coupon in the 9/27 SS)
     Free or very cheap
     ****Great to stock up - think of any holiday cooking you will be doing*****

Snuggle - $3.99
     Use $3 Q from 10/4 RP

Tyson Chicken (not sure if this is breasts/thighs/etc) - $1.99/lb
     Use .50 Q from 9/27 RP
     I try to find the lowest priced package to make it the cheapest

Campbells Harvest Soup (bowl or can) - $1.29
     Use mealbox q and coupon from 9/20 SS, 9/13S or 10/4 SS
     .39 for the bowls and .49 for the cans

There are a couple of Catalina deals that my friend Pubbler posts about.  I think I'm going to do the Ziploc and the Peppridge farm one this week, hopefully it will bring down the cost of the other groceries, or at the very least I'll be able to get some free Snuggle with the $5 catalina from the peppridge farm deal.  Not too shabby!  She also lists some great money making scenarios at Rite Aid.  I haven't tried my hand at Rite Aid yet, but she does really well with the rebates.  If you are diligent with doing rebates I highly suggest you check out her blog and start making some money on the things you need anyways!

We are heading over to the cider mill this weekend and then off to find the little one a costume.  We usually pick a big bag of apples and then try to make some good recipes with them so if you have any fun recipes you do with apples I'd love to hear them!  Also, my mom brought me a large bag of pears from my grandmas tree, so if there are any good recipes out there for that too, I'm all ears! 

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