Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cheap Chicken and a new potato recipe!

So after my fun trip to Meijer yesterday I dropped the boys off and went to Kroger for cheese and Vince and Joes for chicken fryers.  I think I got like 20 packs of cheese (shredded, bar and slices) for $1 each.  I know I could have waited for a Kraft sale but we were running pretty low, and that doesn't happen around here!  We seem to go through cheese like water.  I also bought two of the chicken fryers from Vince and Joes, I just love making it in the crockpot sprinkled with some rosemary and lemon slices on it.  We usually are able to get a couple of meals out of this, so I'll probably make some chicken salad with the leftovers tonight for lunch tomorrow!

After showing hubby the cheese, he wanted more of the Muenster cheese slices, so I went back out this morning and got more and also grabbed three more chickens.  I couldn't resist, they were only $2, and basically were already cleaned out, makes a cheap meal. 

So we are pretty stocked on everything for a bit, I hope!  My main goal was to make sure they had something to eat while I was at school two nights a week, that wasn't just boring old sandwiches or take out.  I think I accomplished that! 

I was looking at the stockpile pictures on HCW last night and it inspired me that I wanted to take some and see what everyone else thought.  First I want to clean up my shelves don't need to see how unorganized I am!  Hopefully I can get around to posting those this week.  I grabbed a paper today as usual, so I'll post those deals later.  

Tonight for dinner is the chicken in the crockpot as well as these.  I've never tried them before, but the ladies at the Grocery Challenge board say they are amazing, and well frankly, we're tired of just regular baked potatoes.  I have so many from the garden its not even funny, so I'm trying all the new recipes I can!

What were your favorite deals last week?

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