Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a week!

Well this has been quite a week let me tell you!  My boss was out all week on vacation and of course EVERYTHING just had to go haywire.  Worked some long hours and needless to say I've been beat all week!  My classes started last week, and I had stats on Thursday.  I have to admit the teacher is so awesome so I'm actually looking forward to the class.  He reminds me of a mix of Santa Claus and a class clown.  He actually makes stats interesting...if there is such a thing!  My other class starts on Tuesday, its some dumb business analysis class, and from rumors I hear the teacher kind of sucks!  I'm so not looking forward to it but at least I'll know people in that class, so we can be miserable together.

We decided to get carpet downstairs (we live in a quad so its not a REAL basement but its our sons toy room and our laundry room).  We lost power a few months ago for a couple of days and of course the sump pump stopped working (we didn't even think of that damn thing) and our basement was in a few inches of water.  We steam cleaned it and everything just to get it back together until we could get some quotes.  We ended up going with Empire Today, they had done our sons bedroom a couple years ago and we really liked them.  They will be coming out on Weds.  The price he quoted and the end price were over $500 difference, I can't believe how much they mark this crap up, it really infuriates me.  Hubby and I ripped up the carpet and padding yesterday and my parents came over to help move the stuff out today - they rock! 

Needless to say the house has been neglected and so have my coupons!  I did hit up Meijer on Saturday for some good deals, I'll post those with a pic later on.  Today Kmart started their doubles (up to $2, supposedly a limit of 10 coupons, but my Kmart doesn't care how many you have), and I just had to go there.  I have to say for once I wasn't really impressed.  None of the normal stuff was free after coupon or maybe it was just because I used most of my coupons the last two rounds.  Who knows.  I'm sure as I'm clipping them tonight while watching DH I'll find some good deals.  I did get 5 boxes of Hartz treats, 1 can of Resolve, 5 boxes of Kelloggs Special K (buy 5 boxes get $5 off instantly, combined with $1 off Q's made them free) and 4 boxes of Visine for $1.74.  Not too shabby considering I love this Resolve stuff and we're out and our son and my hubby LOVE Special K and I was just told last week we were out of it.  Meijer has some good deals this week too which I'll post later with my pic and totals.

We're still eating out of the stockpile but honestly I feel like I miss goingn to the grocery store or something, I'm sure its saved a good amount and I know I could do better, I'll post the totals later for so far.  Yesterday I made the broccoli cheese soup and was able to freeze two cans of it for another winter meal.  Tonight we are having turkey mushroom meatloaf.  This week we willl eat leftovers or sandwiches for lunch.  On Friday my hubby is having shoulder surgery so please pray his Aflac comes through and pays while he is off of work.  Anyone ever have any experiences with Aflac?  I'm just so nervous for some reason.

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