Wednesday, September 9, 2009

LeapFrog Issue and Food for the day!

Well today I had yogurt for breakfast and half a bagel.  Lunch was leftover chicken marsala and we ate dinner at my moms (homemade spaghetti sauce!).

We bought my son the Leapster 2 for Christmas last year (its like a gameboy but its ALL educational games, but the kids don't know they are learning haha) and my son absolutely loves it and so do I! He has about 7 or 8 games for it and last month he kept telling me that it was turning on by itself. Naturally I thought he was joking with me. So we had to sleep in his room one night while our bedroom was being redone and sure enough my husband got up and took the batteries out because it kept turning on! So I looked at it the next morning and I could hardly see the darn screen! I had to turn it every which way to even see anything. So I emailed LeapFrog and let them know what was happening, and they gave me somethings to try and I did try with no luck. I emailed them this morning saying it didn't work and within a couple of hours they emailed me back saying they will make an exception and send me a brand new one!

I have to say I am very impressed with their customer service. The first time I emailed them it didn't take long to respond either. We have so many LeapFrog toys and that is what I get for most of my nieces and nephews now. I'm just so happy because he uses this thing a lot and really likes it (right now the Sonic game he is playing is teaching him to count by 5's!).

If I didn't ask or take 3 minutes of my time to email them to let them know the issue I was having, I honestly would have broke down and bought another one, that is how much we love this product. But I did ask and I got an even better response then I thought!

Moral of the story: Always call if you are unsatisfied with a product, you might get more then you expect! 

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  1. Wow, that's really nice of them. That's fabulous customer service right there. :)